†††††††††††† This site contains my on-line catalog of items available for purchase.† I allow customers to pick colors and beads to make a truly one of a kind and unique item. At this time I mostly deal with the Japanese weaves. When I have more time and supplies Iíll provide more items made from different weaves.

†††††††††††† Maille (Known also as chain mail, chainmail, chainmaille, etc.), is a flexible material made of interlocking metal rings or loops of chain. Historically it was used as armor, but was replaced later on in history with the introduction of plate armor.


I am now Selling on Etsy.com!!!!†

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Places where Iíll be:

MiddleFaire (www.middlefest.com)

Dallas Comic Con (DallasComicCon.com)


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Lefty (at) LeftysChainMaille (dot) com

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